The Exponor – Porto International Fair (Fiporto) is the largest exhibition center in Portugal. Every year we host around 30 specialist trade fairs and hundreds of events of all different kinds and sizes.

With an unrivalled location and excellent facilities, Exponor is uniquely placed to deliver a diverse variety of events. As one of the highest performing international event spaces in Iberia, Exponor – Fiporto has proven to be the center of excellence for industry sector exhibitions and trade fairs in the north-west of the Iberian Peninsula. From our inaugural year in 1987 to 2012, we hosted almost 680 fairs, with 175,000 exhibitors and 11 million visitors (approximate figures). Among these are some of the biggest trade fairs in Portugal, in industries that are hugely significant for the national economy, including metalwork, construction, home furnishings, interior textiles, silversmiths and jewellers, electrical and electronics industry, machines and equipment for various industries, and many more.

With a total area of 200,000 square metres and almost 60,000 square metres of covered space, the exhibition centre comprises six halls of varying styles and dimensions, which, together with the adjacent galleries and other spaces, total 45,000 square metres of covered exhibition space and 2,500 car parking spaces.

We offer a wide range of facilities including IT and telephone services, cash points, bars and restaurants, Exhibitor Support (communications and secretarial services), medical facilities, taxi rank, security, fire safety service and kids’ club.

The Exponor – Fiporto exhibition center includes:

  • 6 multi-purpose exhibition halls;
  • 1 auditorium seating 945 people;
  • Meeting and workshop rooms;
  • Multi-purpose galleries.

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