Visit the fairs safely and complete the pre-scheduling of your visit

Exponor is implementing a hygiene and safety protocol to make the fairs a safe and pleasant space, suited to all visitors.

With the gradual lifting of lockdown measures and renewed activity from companies, Exponor strengthens its conditions and presents novelties regarding the prevention and protection of its facilities. The objective is to assure maximum safety and health of exhibitors, visitors, suppliers and employees. These safety protocols being implemented establish strict criteria and are in line with the recommendations of the sector’s international organization, UFI – Global Association of the Exhibition Industry.

Some of those measures include the creation of a cleaning and disinfection team, which will be permanently at the facilities to assure its adequate cleaning, alongside the distribution of disinfection dispensers in all points of contact at the facilities, as well as the implementation of an access and capacity control system in order to monitor accesses and assure social distancing compliance. These measures are associated with an intense awareness campaign towards the relevance of complying with all the good practices from the exhibitor and visitor point of view through the placement of informative signs and regularly providing information to the stakeholders.

Exponor has also created paths between the arrival and the departure of the facilities to assure a streamlined flow of visitors and also the appropriate social distancing. This initiative also intends to avoid queues and concentration of people during the busiest times of the fairs.

The fairs are also going to have a related platform to facilitate contactless communication between exhibitors and visitors. Companies can communicate with their clients beyond the time period of the fair and outside the facilities of the fair promoting the brand’s range and extending the benefits of participating in the event.

With these measures, Exponor intends to claim its strategic role in the domestic economy and drive the recovery of the companies which are now trying to reactivate their businesses.

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