► Constant online communication, which over time maximises investment alongside physical presence at Fairs or Events.
► Updated communication means that, at any given moment, new digital catalogues can be published or advertising can be inserted.
► A custom space or advertising space can be used to direct audiences to their apps, e-commerce stores, social networking or other sites.
► Coordinating mobile communication with the portfolio of Exponor and Multitema services and products produces cross-media results, with significant synergies.
► Associating companies’ communications with Exponor, a brand with national and international recognition, enhances their visibility, through combined dissemination of Fairs and Events.

Professionals and General public

► In a single application they have combined and organised access to the range of services and products they seek, available from many of the key companies in the respective sector.
► Useful links and advertising directing them to specific areas of each Fair means the Exponor application is truly useful and has state-of-the-art content.
► As professional users or general public, access to other Fairs or Events is facilitated and may open up new areas of interest.
► The Exponor application provides an excellent user experience, allowing very easy and intuitive navigation.

Mobile Partners and Advertisers

Access to an easily identifiable B2B and/or B2C market, with the option to select the relevant business sectors for disseminating their services and products.
► They can choose to present a digital hub, a digital catalogue or direct their users to their apps, e-commerce stores, social networking or other sites.
►  They benefit from additional visibility from users, professionals or general public, even if they are related to other activity sectors.